The Cinnamon Of Our Dreams

Posted by David Dreifus on

Cinnamon is familiar, but when you try a cinnamon of premium quality it can transform the way you’ve traditionally thought about the spice. This happened to us when we tested Burlap & Barrel’s Cinnamon Verum in our Pinole cookie. The first thing we noticed was the potency. We were able to use half the amount of Burlap cinnamon and achieve the same earthy, sweet flavor in our Pinole cookie. The aroma was more savory and slightly spicier than our previous variety.

Burlap & Barrel sources its Cinnamon Verum from Zanzibar, Tanzania. The bark is sun dried and shaved into a fine powder. 

“It is grown by a cooperative of smallholder farmers on the Zanzibar islands off the east coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean, many of whom have been cultivating cinnamon and other spices (including our cloves, nutmeg and black pepper) for generations.

It grows on the steep hillsides rising above the beach, where it thrives in the hot sun, salty breeze and sandy soil, a terroir that contributes to a subtle, smooth flavor without any bitterness. The cinnamon is hand-cut and sun-dried to order throughout the year to guarantee the freshest and most intense flavor.” - Burlap & Barrel

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