Chef Dave sharpened his Japanese cuisine skills under the tutelage of Kyle Connaughton while working as the pastry chef at Single Thread. Chef developed a habit of snacking on package of nori seaweed - a practice he carried into 2020. One day, while cooling a batch of The OG cookies, he inhaled the aromas of the earthy nori mixing with the browned butter & dark chocolate. Instantly, he knew it was a match. Knowing people would react strongly to seaweed in a cookie, he hoped a cool name would "Kelp!"

Chef's Notes:

  • Added toasted pecans for a crisp crunch that holds its texture   
  • Incorporated nori to add an umami flavor rarely found in pastries
  • Replaced dark chocolate with creamier white chocolate to balance the earthiness of the pecans and nori
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    • Nori
    • Fair Trade White Chocolate 
    • Organic Pecans
    • Pasture Raised Eggs
    • Grass Fed Butter
    • Organic Sugar Blend 
    • Fair Trade Vanilla
    • Organic Flour
    • Sea Salt 
    • Baking Soda