The Holy Smokes Kit (S'mores)

The Holy Smokes Kit (S'mores)


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Each Holy Smokes Kit comes with 3 S'mores (6 Cookies, 3 Homemade Marshmallows).

The viral sensation (as seen on Good Morning America, Buzzfeed, Gothamist, Eater & more) is officially available outside of New York City. *drumroll please*

Our next collaboration features none other than the gooiest, sweetest summer dessert -- the S’more. Except instead of boring old graham crackers, we’re using two Louis XIV (the cookie itself is literally 60% chocolate) dipped in Fine & Raw 70% dark chocolate.

We chose to work with Fine & Raw because we love their product. All of their cacao is sourced sustainably from Ghana and Ecuador, and they’ve worked for years to cultivate lasting relationships with farmers, paying above fair trade wages to promote economic freedom and empowerment. 

This cookie is an ode to a classic S’more, as unfussy as a dessert can get. We’ve given it the Best Damn treatment by upping the ante with a chocolate chip graham replacement and homemade marshmallows.