Our Story

Our Story

The Time: March 2020
The Place: New York City

Dave was working as a private chef

and found himself without a job in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants came to a standstill and thousands of industry folks were out of work, including most of Dave’s friends. After seeing a lot of sad faces, he started baking cookies to cheer them up.

cookies were a natural progression for dave

On the opening team at SingleThread Inn he baked the cookies guests received in their rooms. His grandfather operated a renowned bakery in Brooklyn starting in the 1930's. Plus, he’s always had a huge sweet tooth. His friends loved the cookies, so Dave started selling on a small scale, to friends and family. He spent a lot of time perfecting the first chocolate chunk cookie (now known as The OG).

Drawing on his French Laundry experience

he used the Thomas Keller method to its utmost (cooking is a series of small steps, every step must be executed perfectly for a perfect product) over a period of three hot months during the pandemic summer. He began sourcing the best of the best fair trade and organic ingredients from companies with a conscience. Mo was one of Dave’s first customers. He bought and ate all 12 cookies in one sitting. To make sure he wasn’t dreaming, he talked his neighbor into eating one herself. Her response?


Mo thought Dave should turn this into a business

so he texted him as much, and the rest is history. Together, Mo and Dave have developed Best Damn Cookies into what it is today. A company focused on elevating the humble cookie into a well respected culinary tradition. When talking about food and wine, ingredients and farmers are at the forefront. When it comes to pastries, not so much. Our goal at Best Damn Cookies is to treat the cookie with the same level of respect as an heirloom bean, heritage chicken, or full bodied red.

Our Values

Quality Focused

If it goes into our cookies, we've exhaustively sourced and rated it against our own stringent grading system. We're constantly exploring new cultures and flavor profiles to up our game.

Sourcing Ethically & Sustainably

We strongly believe in our responsibility to leave a better world for future generations. As stewards of the planet, we support indigenous & local farmers and insist on fair-trade practices.

Adding the "Michelin Touch"

With over a decade of experience learning under Thomas Keller (Per Se, The French Laundry) and  Kyle Connaughton (SingleThread Inn) Chef Dave treats each cookie like a Michelin starred restaurant treats their menus.

Curating an Emotional Experience

Good food transports people to another plane of existence - an instantaneous portal to warm memories. We approached every step of our process with our customer in mind.